Wednesday, February 20, 2013

hard to believe ...

I haven't posted anything here since October. Such neglect will not be tolerated! I have been asked to be special exhibitor at the Texas City Art Festival in April. Putting my display together is in progress, some older pieces together with newer works. Organizers asked for 15 to 20 pieces, and I can do that. I'm required to create and print my own labels to identify each piece and that design is coming along nicely. A sample will be presented for approval next week.

At a gallery I visited recently, one of the artist displayed a qr code with each of her pieces in the gallery. I thought, hmmm ... I need to find out how to do that. Today I did, creating my own qr code pointing to this blog! Piece o' cake! Just search the net for qr code generator and take your pick from sites where you can get your own for free.

Here's mine. I can print it and display it where it can bring folks to my blog. I'm excited, and now I need to get busy for sure and fill up this blog with more of my art ... Please come back soon and nudge me if you don't see any additions!