Wednesday, October 19, 2016

so much technology, so little time ...

Shame on me neglecting this blog while trying to get to know Instagram and use it to promote my dolls.  Hence the title of today's post.   Another detour in the creative process is preparing for the workshop I'll give in a little over a week. Today, my studio time is devoted to making sculpting tools for my workshoppers to use. I made the first of these wooden tools many years ago and they are some of my favorite tools when I sit down to sculpt. Starting with a plain round dowel, I shape one end into a tapered wedge, the other end is rounded. After the basic shape is achieved with my rotary tool, I'll refine and further smooth the surface by hand with fine sandpaper, finishing with a light coating of mineral oil. Rather than a detour, maybe it's an expansion of the creative journey! My work table tells today's story!

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